Service as a Mediator, Arbitrator and Private Trial Resolution Judge pursuant to  Section 44.104 FS are billed at the rate of $350 hour regardless of the number of parties. There is a minimum charge of two hours for a half day mediation and  four hours for a full day mediation.

A onetime fee is charged for administrative setup and review of basic confidential mediation summaries regardless of the number of mediations conducted in a single case. Additional independent research and review of pleadings and complex mediation summaries are billed at the mediators' normal hourly rate.

Travel within the 19th Judicial Circuit (Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin and Okeechobee Counties) and to Brevard County is not generally charged.

Travel outside  the 19th Circuit and Brevard County is billed at the mediators' normal hourly rate absent other arrangements.


We do not bill for normal daily mediation costs such as mileage and most meals.

However for overnight stays, we bill for the reasonable cost of accommodations and evening meals.